Expand Your Circle of Control

circle2“Focus on what you can control and your circle of control expands.” —Brent Tippets (Principal, VCBO Architecture)

How often do you sit and stew about your current circumstances, frustrated with your lack of progress? I was recently in this situation when I was given the above piece of advice from Brent Tippets. These wise words helped me to change my perspective, and as a result, my approach to my work and my goals. So, how do you expand your circle of control?

What can you control?

As Brent stated in the above quote, you must first start by focusing on the things that are currently in your control. Are you paying attention to the details that ensure you are providing quality deliverables? It is easy to become so complacent with our daily tasks that we start operating on autopilot. Take yourself off autopilot and pay conscious attention to the things you can control.

Look inside yourself

Once you have a clear picture of what you can control, you must look inside yourself and ask, ‘Can I do better?’ Are you focusing your energy in the right places? Are you getting the desired results? Once you answer these questions, you must determine what you can do better that is currently in your control. Take the accountability and initiative to evaluate and improve your own performance in the things you can control.

Care authentically

The final piece of the puzzle is to care authentically about the tasks that are in your control. Why do you do what you do? How does it fit into the big picture? How is what you are doing now contributing to getting you where you want to go? It’s great to have big aspirations; one of most effective ways to get from here to there is to perform the things you can control not because you are paid, not because you fear discipline, but because you truly care about your work and the contributions you are making.

Expand Your Circle

If you want to expand your circle of control, it’s time to change your approach to your work and your goals. When you focus your energy on the things you can control; when you look inside yourself and strive to do better; and when you care authentically about the contributions you are making, your circle of control will expand. You gain pride and confidence in your work; others develop trust and appreciation for your contribution. This combination of confidence and trust will be the vehicle that takes you from where you are now to where you want to go.

What will you do today to change your focus and impact your circle of control?



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