Four Steps for Energizing Your Employees

“Super-ambitious goals tend to be unifying and energizing to people; but only if they believe there’s a chance of success.” —Peter Diamandis

If you want to energize your employees in working toward shared goals, they must believe that success is possible. I’m not just talking about company success, but also success for them as individuals. Here are four steps for energizing your employees.

Invest in them

When employees see that you are willing to invest your time and resources in their growth and success, they will be energized. As they grow so will their potential to make more meaningful contributions toward shared goals. When you invest in your employees, they will be willing to invest their best resources into the success of the organization.

Encourage them

When you encourage employees to overcome their fears and chase their dreams, they will become energized. We all want to be encouraged and to know that someone believes in us. When your employees feel encouraged, they will give 110% to achieving shared goals.

Provide opportunities

When you provide employees with new and challenging opportunities it shows that you trust in their abilities. Being challenged and given opportunities energizes employees. When employees know that there are ample opportunities, they will proudly contribute to the success of the organization.

Have their back

Make sure that employees feel safe. When you show them that you have their back in success and in failure, they will be energized. When employees know that you have their back, they will be willing to stretch beyond their current capabilities to reach higher and add even more value to organizational objectives.

Give Them a Reason to Believe

If you want to energize your employees, you must give them a reason to believe that they can be successful. They need to know that they can succeed personally as they are contributing to the success of the organization. Invest your time and resources in them. Give them encouragement. Provide them with challenging opportunities. Show them that you have their back. Give them a reason to believe that they can succeed and they will be energized.



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