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  1. Hi Liz, thanks for today’s topic. Conflict resolution is one of the really difficult activities I have had to learn how to improve my success rate throughout my career and personal life. I am still a work-in-progress, but much better now than I was 20-30 years ago.
    If I had to identify the one thing I learned that has helped me the most to improve, it would have to be learning to get in touch with my intentions, exclusive of wanting to get my way, in each specific relationship in which there was conflict.
    Having clarity about my true intentions in each relationship also identified the depth of my feelings toward the other person’s point of view, or in the case of personal relationships, my feelings toward the other person.
    If I found my feelings harbored resistance or animosity, I had to learn how to be more objective and focus on understanding the issues involved and set-aside my personal feelings.
    This led me to developing a desire to learn how to be a better listener so I could learn what It was I was resisting that might be causing the conflict.
    Not every conflict will result in resolution; the best might be that both parties agree to disagree.
    The issue of authority (as in the hierarchy of a business organization) also plays a role, as does policy and procedures. None of these are hard-wired to the point of being unchangeable. However, change comes through the development of an idea and is supported by facts and data demonstrating the advantages, benefits and also any down-side issues that must be considered. The intention would be to embrace change that would be in the best interest of the entire organization and its members.
    Firm leaders have the most difficult role in conflict resolution, being the final decision-maker. Personal feelings must be set-aside for an intention to do what is best, if not for all, at least the majority over the long term. No one ever gets everything they want.

    1. As always Steve, your experience offers such wisdom and insight. I thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!!

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